Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Lovely Patient

The Real Facts of Male Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of death of women in the United States. However, breast cancer can occur in men, as well. According to recent statistics from the Center for Disease Control, 222,000 women and 2,100 men in the United States were diagnosed with breast cancer this year.  41,000 women and 450 men in the United States died from breast cancer in 2014.  Many popular cancer-related websites, have limited to zero findings about “Male” breast cancer and treatments.  Most of the sites appeal to, inform, and are directed towards women. Very few websites acknowledge the fact that male breast cancer even exists. The lack of commercials, blogs, and survival stories has proven that people do not fully understand what male breast cancer is about. The first step is to bring further public awareness to this issue.  Men who suffer from this disease deserve to have the proper internet information, just as women do.

To bring more attention to this particular affliction, World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation is presenting the feature film, The Lovely Patient, which highlights Frank Hartsfeld, a man battling breast cancer, while he is also desperately searching for a way to attend his daughter’s wedding. This poignant story helps bring awareness to this often overlooked, severe medical condition.
For more information about the movie, visit The Lovely Patient is distributed by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation, coming February 17th on DVD and VOD. Vimeo pre-sale is going on right now.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#GivingTuesday-Supporting Male Breast Cancer

There’s a day for Mother’s, Father’s, and your boss, a day for honoring our flag, our veterans and our freedom.  There is BlackFriday to go shopping, Cyber Monday to shop on line and so why not have a day for giving?  Welcome Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday that follows Thanksgiving!

There are so many ways that you can help HIS Breast Cancer Awareness with your donations so let us share some suggestions from  donations HIS BCA will receive when you shop on line, sending your holiday wishes, or just meeting your end of the year charitable tax deductions.

First, if you’re shopping on amazon this holiday or all year long, first go to smile.amzon and choose from the list or search to select HIS Breast Cancer Awareness as your charity of choice or click directly on this link; Every time you shop with, amazon will make a donation to us- it’s that easy! You shop, save and HIS BCA is rewarded.

If you’re out of ideas on what to get or even IF you should be buying someone a present, a donation card with your wishes makes the perfect and most thoughtful gift. You can order one that we’ll mail for you or purchase a pack of 10 cards. In addition to the holidays, you can keep them on hand all year long to honor a birthday, send get well wishes, or offer a note of congratulations. You make the acknowledgement, and the receiver appreciates your kindness and learns that male breast cancer does exist; you might just even save a life with awareness! To order one or purchase a pack, visit the SHOP page on the web site here; 

If you like to wait to the end of the year to choose your charities and make your donations then please consider a donation to HIS Breast Cancer Awareness.  Your donations assist with offering insight, education and awareness of Male Breast Cancer and can be made directly on the web  through with paypal or you’re welcome to mail us a check.

Another great place to make a donation this year is a documentary in the makings that we are involved with. Please visit the web site here and support the documentary Pink And Blue.  They need your help to make this happen! View more details here;

It is projected that over 2,240 new cases of male breast cancer will be diagnosed and over 400 men will die from the disease.  The percentage fatality rate is often higher for men diagnosed with breast cancer as usually no one is checking and men don’t notice the symptoms as they are not even aware they can be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Men also do not have the options women may with breast conserving surgery/treatment and so mastectomy is most often performed due to the limited amount of tissue.  Just imagine hearing the words as a man, or a woman about her father, husband, son or any loved one; Sir, You Have Breast Cancer!  Breast cancer doesn’t just affect sisters and daughter’s, breast cancer affects sons and brothers. In addition with the current awareness of the BRCA gene mutation thanks to Angelina Jolie, it’s important to note that 50% of the worlds BRCA (breast cancer susceptibilitygene) carriers are male.
HIS Breast Cancer Awareness was formed in 2010 as a fully credited nonprofit 501©3 organization to bring education, awareness, prevention and lifestyle assistance to anyone dealing with Male Breast Cancer or having a family member with a history of Breast Cancer.  Vicki and Harvey (co-founders) are both Breast Cancer Survivors and carry the BRCA gene mutation.  Between them they have 5 sons, all who have a 50/50% to be BRCA positive which are also known factors in the cause of Prostate, Pancreatic, Melanoma and Ovarian as well as many other cancers.

We know that we have already saved men’s lives and with your support, we can reach so many more!
Please consider choosing HIS Breast Cancer as your charity to give and support this #GivingTuesday and through the holidays.

PinkandBlue; $10,000, SIR; $5,000, Prevention; $2500, Insight; $1000,
Lifestyle; $500, Education; $250, Awareness; $100,   MBC(other) $__

Thank you in advance for any donation in support of Male Breast Cancer Awareness!

Modah Ani- I am Thankful

Editor; Vicki Singer Wolf, Co-founder

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Together we are making a difference with awareness and savings lives and we hope you all feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude. For all of you, we are very thankful.

Often we are on the receiving line of the “thank you”; contacted by men or family members who have found us, found an outlet to share and to know they are not alone with a breast cancer diagnosis. Today however we’d like to take some time to thank those who have helped us to spread awareness of Male Breast Cancer and save lives.
HIS Breast Cancer Awareness was Co-founded in 2009 by Harvey I. Singer and Vicki Singer Wolf because we learned the hard way there is not a great deal of information available on Male Breast Cancer.  When Harvey was diagnosed, the humiliation and stigmas that went along with his diagnosis made dealing with breast cancer as a man, even that much more challenging than the diagnosis alone.  As a three time breast cancer survivor myself, I could guide him, as his sister, I was there to support him, however being a male with breast cancer took a whole different level of support and that’s when we vowed to help others.

This year we are thankful for so many people and organizations that have assisted and supported HIS Breast Cancer Awareness, Harvey and myself.  Without them, this organization could not have accomplished all that it has and continues to do.  HIS BCA has been featured in many publications this year including TV, Radio, Internet sites, Newspapers, Print supplements and more and because of this, has helped educate so many.   A Special Thank You to;

Mendon Golf Club Rochester, NY
*All donations and contributions received in support of the Charity Golf Outing from many local businesses and friends.
Chef Works;
Alan Blassberg and staff of Pink&Blue Documentary
Championship  LLC- -
Jewish Federation of Southern New Jersey -
Lymphe Divas/LypheDude
Alan Bassman- Bassman, Laserow, Adelman  Weiss, P.C. -

We also want to thank those of you have been our guest writers, who have written of your experiences and shared them with our readers so others can gain knowledge from you. We welcome others to share their story or join our Forum for more conversations as these greatly assist so many. Along with the social media groups we want to thank our facebook and twitter followers who not only ‘like’ what they read but “share” it as well which expands our reach of information. 

Along with the many opportunities we have been presented with, we are very excited about the opportunity to be involved with the documentary on BRCA 1 & 2 mutation and how it contributes to breast cancer in both men and women. Pink & Blue is a documentary in the making that needs your support. Please visit the Kickstarter project to help fund this project and bring it to fruition.

Of course we could not have accomplished any of this without the support of our wonderful families and friends. Harvey has been married for 35 years to his amazing wife Donna and has two wonderful sons (my nephews) Matthew and Jameson.  I have also been married for 35 years to my husband Gary and have been blessed with 3 sons; Sean, Jeremy (and his wife Melissa). Samuel (his wife Melissa) and our grandson Jamie.  All of them are not only understanding of our health needs, but have all added to the development and growth of HIS BreastCancer Awareness in one way or another.  I especially want to thank my son Sam who is the creator of our informative web site and for all he does to help maintain it. 
Our mother Libby (now 89 years old) and our Aunt Ruth (now 99) both are breast cancer survivors and the foundation for our being.  We are very thankful for their continued good health, their great support (plus their baking!) and our biggest advocates!  

HIS BreastCancer Awareness relies on donation to help with education and awareness.  Before this year comes to a close, please consider making a donation or SHOP our page for awareness products or donation cards in honor, in memory of someone you care about or a great way to send your Happy Holiday wishes.  Click here to SHOP or donate;

In addition you can help support us when you shop with amazon. Just choose first, select HIS Breast Cancer Awareness as your charity to support and amazon will donate a percentage of your purchase. It’s that simple and a great means of support for us! Once you sign up, amazon will always  remind and direct you there first. Or you can click this link;
HIS Breast Cancer Awareness is a registered 501©3 organization and all donations are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.  HIS Breast Cancer Awareness acknowledges all donations by email or mail, with a tax receipt to the provided address.

We wish you a healthful and peaceful Thanksgiving.
Especially during this Thanksgiving holiday; Modah Ani – I/We are very thankful
Editor, Co-founder; Vicki Singer Wolf

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Continuing into November with “Awareness” the facial hair growth happening around us isn't just a coincidence! This 'rugged' look reminds us of Men’s Health issues in which male breastcancer should be added to the list! During November each year, “Movember” is responsible for the emergent mustache,  beard, etc. on thousands of men’s faces in the US and around the world to bring awareness and funds for men’s health issues. Most of the funding is for the promotion and awareness of Prostate and Testicular Cancers as well as men’s mental health however this is another way we can help spread the awareness for Male Breast Cancer!

Since its humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, Movember has grown to become a truly global movement inspiring more than 1.9 Million “Mo Bros and Mo Sistas” to participate with formal campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Belgium and the Czech Republic. No matter the country or city, Movember will continue to work to change established habits and attitudes men have about their health, to educate men about the health risks they face, and to act on that knowledge, thereby increasing the chances of early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment.

Movember works to change and improve the habits and attitudes men have about their health in addition to educating them about their health risk; education like the recent findings related to the benefits of
 men taking a multi vitamin daily being diagnosed with 8% fewer cancers.   Without education, we cannot act on the knowledge and especially regarding Male Breast Cancer as most men are not aware they can be diagnosed with this disease, unlike Prostate and Testicular cancers.

In 2008 Harvey was diagnosed with Male Breast Cancer!
Male Breast Cancer Does Exist!  “I’m living Proof, which is better than being dying proof!”
About 13 years earlier his sister Vicki and our mother Libby were diagnosed with Breast Cancer first. After 3 breast cancer diagnosis along with genetic testing, although Harvey knew he could be at a higher risk for some of the ‘male’ cancers, he didn’t take breast cancer seriously. “I’m a guy; I don’t have to worry about that!” In 2009 Harvey was diagnosed with breast cancer.
·         This year it is projected that over 2,240 new cases of male breast cancer will be diagnosed and over 400 men will die from the disease.
·         50% of the worlds BRCA (breast cancersusceptibility gene) carriers are male and there is an increased risk from 1% closer to 6% of a diagnosis as a male if a carrier of the BRCA gene
·         Percentage fatality rate is often higher for men diagnosed with breast cancer as usually no one is checking, men don’t notice the symptoms, men are not aware they can be diagnosed with breast cancer and are not screened on a regular basis with the current insurance regulations
·         Breast Cancer doesn’t just affect sisters and daughter’s, breast cancer affects sons and brothers
·         Male breast cancer treatment consist of mastectomy due to limited amount of tissue and often followed with some or all; radiation therapy, chemo therapy and hormone therapy

So take that clean shaven face, or semi started facial hair and now’s your chance (excuse) to try out that mustache for a great cause!  When asked why you are “changing your look”, you can explain your cause for education, awareness and survivorship. In 2011, over 854,000 Mo Bros and Mo Sistas around the world got on board, raising $126.3 million USD.  In addition to educating others, they can also make a donation in honor of your month long growth to either Movember or directly to HIS Breast Cancer Awareness. For HIS donation information visit us on line at, 

This month, show your face for the cause and all men's health issues.

Modah Ani- I Am Thankful

Vicki Singer Wolf, Co-Founder, Editor

Thursday, October 16, 2014


It's the Fall season with all the those beautiful colors! Let’s make great use of all those pumpkins!
What a wonderful time of year it is- Fall! With Halloween in the air and Thanksgiving on the way we are surrounded by pumpkins everywhere! From carved pumpkins that are scary, funny, pretty, painted pink and blue or relay messages we love seeing them all!

In addition to the emotional side –going to the pumpkin patch, the fun of carving or the family working on it together that pumpkins offer, it’s most important to note pumpkin is healthy for you too! Pumpkin as an anti-cancer food is often forgotten about most of the rest of the year.  So what makes pumpkin help fight breast cancer?

First, pumpkin seeds contains Phytoestrogens; a plant compound that acts like the human estrogen. These can help prevent breast cancer by binding to estrogen receptors to assist by inhibiting the estrogen effects according to a study.  Many breast cancers are caused by and feed from estrogen, even male breast cancer.

The Beta-carotene content of pumpkin is converted in the body into Vitamin A which is another form of Antioxidant. These antioxidants help to protect the body against free radicals which can cause cancer. One cup of pumpkin can                                                                     deliver 17mg of beta carotene, making it one of the highest                                                                     sources.

Fiber has been shown to be a necessary component for lowering the risk of developing breast cancer when comparing those who consume the most to those who ate the least. Pumpkin is considered a good source of fiber.

Pumpkin is also considered to be low calorie. There are several studies out that do support a lower calorie diet with a lower incidence of breast cancer.  Most of us know already that obesity plays on a large concern of overall good health. It’s important to not “feed” the cancer cells, which is why a diet higher in vegetables, fruits and low glycemic foods are so important. “Contrary to normal cells, most malignant cells depend on steady glucose availability in the blood for their energy.” “Cancer cells thrive on glucose and starve on fats and ketones, which are food-derived energy units that are plentiful in low-carbohydrate diets.”

Whatever your recipe of choice is, fresh pumpkin can have enormous benefits! So if you choose to make your grandmother’s famous pie, add it to your smoothie (yummy!), or puree it and freeze it for a host of different recipes, pumpkins are more than just fun, they’re scary good for you too

Modah Ani- I Am Thankful

Vicki Singer Wolf, Co-Founder, Editor

Monday, October 13, 2014


Let's Talk About #Inequality

Some of us are old enough to remember when the Women’s Liberation Movement took place
back in the 1970’s. It was an amazing time in our history and every comment, commercial and
article seemed to be about women’s #inequality.

Yes, the right for women to vote, smoke and work came so many years earlier, but the true
revolution happened in the 70’s and no one who lived through it could get away from it or forget about it.

But now, in 2014, about 26,000 men in the United States are living with and experiencing a
totally different type of “equality”! Another 2400+ will unfortunately join them in this same  fight. The fight of being A Man living with a Women’s Disease... BREAST CANCER!

The month of October for the past 8 years or so has grown into a totally PINK month. The
entire United States seems to turn a shade of PINK as every company, organization (Like the
NFL), every city and state jump on the Breast Cancer Awareness bandwagon. Some are truly
dedicated to the cause while others are just “using” this dreaded disease to increase sales
of their products, for positive public relations and to have their company or organization be
viewed as “caring”. There as so many varieties of “PINK” one has to wonder if any other colors really exist in October? Talk about “Inequality”! WHERE IS THE BLUE?

In 2014 and again in 2015 about 2450 MEN (that’s right I said MEN), will be diagnosed with
Male Breast Cancer! Every year about 450 MEN will DIE from Breast Cancer. And no one seems to care!

This Sunday morning in my local Sunday paper in Rochester, New York I found a 24 page
Insert all about Breast Cancer and the “MYTH’S” about Breast Cancer. 24 comprehensive
pages covering every aspect of this dreaded disease. Except, NOT ONE SINGLE WORD, LINE,
PARAGRAPH, let alone story had to do with MEN being diagnosed with Breast Cancer or MEN
How can this be comprehensive when not a word is mentioned about the guys living with the
disease or unfortunately dying from it? #INEQUALITY? Definitely!

The true facts are that about 1 percent of all breast cancers are diagnosed in men, but that
the percentage of men who will die from it is about 4-5 times more likely than their female counterparts. Blue vs. Pink?

I have been living in this PINK world for the past 6 years as I was diagnosed with Male Breast 
Cancer in 2008. Yes, it was a shock to me, a man, to be diagnosed, but what I quickly found out
was that I was not alone. What I also found out was that no one seemed to care!
All of these great resources and awareness movements were totally about women.

I vowed that once I beat this (Expletive) Disease, I would change the plight of all men dealing
with it and find a way to warn those men who are at a higher risk for contracting it. My sister
Vicki (who is a three time Breast Cancer Survivor) and I went to work and formed one of the
first organizations to equal the playing floor, if only just a little.

HIS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS FOUNDATION, Inc. was formed. Our logo is a half Blue, half Pink ribbon to show that, Yes, Men Too Can Get Breast Cancer.
We assist with post diagnosis and post-surgery information. We help with prevention and
making men aware of all of the warning signs. We teach lifestyle changes and mostly we are
there for all the men living in a world of PINK and the stigmas that go along with being BLUE in such a PINK world! I have even written a book, Sir, You Have Breast Cancer! so other men can learn and not feel so alone.

This October, please take a minute to understand that you, your father, your brother or your
son can also be diagnosed with breast cancer. For those men who are carrying a BRCA1 or
BRCA2 genetic mutation, take a minute to understand that you may pass along a much greater
risk to, not only your daughter, but to your sons as well.

And finally, take a minute to think about this PINK October we live in and understand that there is also a little bit of BLUE in it!

Breast cancer doesn't care what sex you are. It’s trying to kill both men and women EQUALLY!

Let’s get the media and world we live in to understand and treat both Men and Women Equally
while dealing with Breast Cancer! This year remeber  #BAD2014 #Blogaction14, #Inequality, #Oct16  It's a Pink and Blue disease!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Here it comes! Are you ready for the world to turn PINK for breast cancer awareness? Let’s face it, if you’re a man, you probably tune all this “pink stuff” right out! But what if the pink ribbon had a little BLUE in it? Then would you notice it? Do men even know they have breast tissue? And if you are interested, how many of you really do anything with this awareness?

Ask yourself these questions and see how educated you really are?
(For your sake we hope you get 100% correct)
The below questions should be answered by both men and women;

o   Do you know or talk about a family history of ALL cancers for both genders?
o   Do you know that men can be diagnosed with breast cancer?
o   Do you (men and women) perform a self breast exam once a month?
o   Have you changed or improved your diet or nutritional intake to increase prevention?
o   Do you fit in at least 3-5 hours of exercise a week?
o   How much alcohol is “ok” to consume if you’re concerned about breast cancer?
o   Has anyone in your family (men and women) been tested for the BRCA (breast cancer susceptibility gene) mutation?
o   If you have family members (with or without a gene mutation) with Prostate, Ovarian, Melanoma, Pancreatic and other cancers does this increase your risk of Breast Cancer?
o   Does your family doctor, gynecologist or urologist talk to you about your risks due to a family history of cancer(s)?
o   Does your doctor perform a routine breast exam if you’re a man? If not, who is checking you for this if you do have a family history of cancers?
o   Can a man have a mammogram?
o   Do men have breast?

Most of us know the stats on breast cancer in women (1 in 8 women will be diagnosed) but did you know that over 2,200 new cases of male breast cancer is expected and almost 500 will likely die from the disease?  Most often men are diagnosed too late because no one is checking, or even knows they should check!

This month of "Pink-tober", we need to stretch the boundaries of breast cancer awareness to include men and really help educate. Let’s add some blue to the pink and help men learn they too can be affected by this disease in a "BLINK" Men need to know they do have breast and what their risk factors are. Women need to be informed not just for themselves, their sisters or daughters but for their husbands, brothers and sons. Showing support for our pink and blue ribbon tells everyone that this is not just a pink disease and is the first step to breaking down the stigma’s that go along with it. Let’s show what awareness is really all about and educate all genders.

And just think how much more “business” can be had by expanding the pink and blue for women and men! Unfortunately this is a strong driving force to what is behind the awareness campaign by many companies. Even the NFL uses the pink awareness to attract (and grow) the female audience. We want to help them to really educate their audience, their already in demand male audience! This would be what awareness is truly about and will make a difference in saving lives! Something the NFL and Roger Goodell could tout as doing the right thing about now…

For more information on Male Breast Cancer or to donate, visit HIS Breast Cancer Awareness (a fully accredited 501c3 nonprofit organization); 

Modah Ani- I Am Thankful
Editor; Vicki Singer Wolf, Co-founder