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Eat, Drink and be Merry?

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This Father's Day, Educate & Save Lives

In October of 2008 and after ignoring some basic signs and symptoms for about 4 months, I was officially diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Even though my younger sister had lived with Breast Cancer and three recurrences of it and had been genetically diagnosed as BRCA 2 positive, I was still shocked that I, a 54 year old male, could contract this disease.

Three weeks later I had a complete mastectomy of my left breast. Subsequent Chemotherapy treatments incurred followed up by Genetic testing, Tamoxifen Therapy and precautionary MRI's and Mammograms

From my Internist to my Surgeon and continuing on with the three Oncologists that I met with, the lack of definitive information and lack of a true and consensus direction forced me to question almost every decision I needed to make. Ultimately, I had to make these decisions and my research and "gut" had to be the key determinants. You MUST BE YOUR OWN PERSONAL ADVOCATE, when dealing with these decisions. Only time will dictate if they were the right decisions.

Today I am healthy and possibly in the best shape of my life (or at least since I was in college). I have totally altered my Eating Habits and Diet. My Exercise schedule. My Work discipline and in general, how I live day to day. I live with the fear of recurrence as all Breast Cancer and I'm guessing any other type of Cancer patients do, but I am doing everything possible and in my power to insure that this disease does not come back.

I am married 36 years to an amazing woman (Donna) who stood beside me throughout my treatment process. She is my Rock! Together, we have 2 grown boys, Matthew and Jameson who are college graduates and professionals.

After running my wife's family uniform business for 22 years, several years ago I left the family business and joined an international manufacturer of Culinary and Hospitality Uniforms. Today, I am the Vice-President of Sales and National Accounts for the Eastern U.S. This job forces me to travel fairly extensively, which tests my ability to keep to my dietary and exercise regimens, BUT I DO. I HAVE TO! I continue to work hard but have learned to take time to enjoy life as well.

Once back to normal health, my sister Vicki and I vowed to find a way to inform and educate other men who are facing or are at high risk to face, Male Breast Cancer. Together we have formed the HIS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS FOUNDATION.  (H.I.S. happens to be my initials)
Our goal is to make society more aware that this disease does exist for men and to find a way to force the medical institutions and insurance companies to screen those who may be at risk. Awareness will lead to more research dollars. More research will hopefully lead to finding the detailed hormonal factors that influence the growth of the disease in men.  Maybe, some day, we will find a cure.
For now, I just encourage all to be aware and share your knowledge that men can be diagnosed with breast cancer and can carry a genetic mutation. Like my sister, I too was diagnosed as BRCA 2 positive.

Please visit our web site to learn more and consider making a donation in honor of a man (or men) in your life this Father’s Day.  Your donation will help us educate others and save lives.

Happy and Healthy Father's Day

Harvey I. Singer, Co-Founder
HIS Breast Cancer Awareness

Monday, February 1, 2016

World Cancer Day

We Can. I Can- what? How can we/I make a difference to something that seems so much larger than any human being? Well, just like all things, it takes each of us to put forth effort, even in small baby steps to make any changes; And ‘change’ is what is needed to help end cancer. This will not go away on its own nor as we’ve seen over the decades, with medicine alone.

We’re not talking just about change in research labs, hospitals or by large pharmaceutical corporations, we’re talking about starting with you and your lifestyle. That means each person taking responsibility and investing in themselves. Until each person invest in their own quality of living with healthier food choices, cleaner/greener environmental living and some type of exercise, health concerns and cancer will continue to spiral out of control.

We always have options: When out to dinner, making better choices or taking half your portion home for another meal will make a big difference! Although it’s nice to ‘treat’ yourself to a special meal because we know you work hard and deserve it, that should mean once a week or better yet, once a month! Foods that are  genetically modified, filled with hormones, deep fried and include heavy creamy sauces should be removed from your daily diet. 
We’ve all read what a ‘healthier’ diet should consist of so I’m not going to repeat it here, but receiving daily nutrition with cruciferous vegetables, high fiber, low/no sugar and organic when available is easy and affordable to do. And it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle so you just have to allow yourself a new routine! Plus we can’t always eat enough to give our body the nutrition it needs so supplementation is often helpful.

But what about you and your doctor? How do you take responsibility together? Well first, I believe in the importance of preventive medicine. If you can help reduce your risk and keep your body healthy, it’s much easier than trying to ‘fix’ a problem after it has begun. Your doctor should be the one to make sure and keep you on the healthy path. This is where Naturopathic medicine comes in. There are currently 18 states (plus Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands) where Naturopathic doctors are licensed to practice medicine, the rest are not in the United States. Other countries practice and support preventive medicine. What is Naturopathic medicine?
Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process.  The practice of naturopathic medicine includes modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods. (provided by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians)
“Emphasizing prevention”, “self-healing”, these steps must become part of our daily process to living healthier. Pennsylvania alone has passed every level in congress and it has been waiting for the senate to vote for about one year now to pass this license. Why is something that can be so helpful, taking so long?! This option should be available to anyone who wants it! We should have the choice in every state!

We do have some of the power and controls to make America and the World a healthier place to live. From the land of opportunity, let’s take that opportunity to make the good, better, best decisions we can! Let’s “super-size” our health and wellness instead of our soda and fries! Then maybe we have a chance at reducing the impact cancer (and other diseases) has on individuals, families and communities. All the savings on health care with better overall health can then be used towards better living for vacations, family time or those special purchases.

Our website HIS Breast Cancer Awareness can help assist with suggestions for prevention and how to make healthier choices. Learn more about your genetic risk so you can be even more proactive. My brother and I are both survivors of breast cancer and both carry the BRCA genetic mutation. We live each day great-full for our opportunities today and we make the best choices we can with a healthier diet, additional supplementation and an on-going exercise program to help in the prevention of another diagnosis. We’re just like you, the average person - and you can do this too- hopefully before a cancer diagnosis but even after. Who can do this? #WeCanICan !

This World Cancer Day, let's make the necessary changes to help with education, awareness and most importantly, prevention. With the addition of prevention, we can hopefully reduce the risk of a cancer diagnosis. We have to take responsibility for ourselves and our families to learn and guide and accept change is needed. Then together we can work to end cancer.
#WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan #BeHealthy #Prevention

Best of Health,
Modah Ani- I am thankful
Vicki Singer Wolf, Editor and Co-founder

Thursday, November 19, 2015

#GIVING TUESDAY- December 1, 2015

There’s a day for Mother’s, Father’s, and your boss, a day for honoring our flag, our veterans and our freedom.  There is BlackFriday to go shopping, Cyber Monday to shop on line and so why not have a day for giving?  Welcome Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday that follows Thanksgiving!

There are so many ways that you can help HIS Breast Cancer with your donations so let us share some suggestions from donations HIS Breast Cancer will receive when you shop on line, sending your holiday wishes, or just meeting your end of the year charitable tax deductions.

First, if you’re shopping on amazon this holiday or all year long, first go to smile.amzon and choose from the list or search to select HIS Breast Cancer Awareness as your charity of choice or click directly on this link; Every time you shop with, amazon will make a donation to us- it’s that easy! You shop, save and HIS BCA is rewarded.

If you’re out of ideas on what to get or even IF you should be buying someone a present, a donation card with your wishes makes the perfect and most thoughtful gift. You can order one that we’ll mail for you or purchase a pack of 10 cards. In addition to the holidays, you can keep them on hand all year long to honor a birthday, send get well wishes, or offer a note of congratulations. You make the acknowledgement, and the receiver appreciates your kindness and learns that male breast cancer does exist; you might just even save a life with awareness! To order one or purchase a pack, visit the SHOP page on the web site here; 

If you like to wait to the end of the year to choose your charities and make your donations then please consider a donation to HIS BreastCancer.  Your donations assist with offering insight, education and awareness of Male Breast Cancer and Genetic knowledge and can be made directly on the web through paypal or you’re welcome to mail us a check.

Another great opportunity with your support will assist us to help educate through the very special produced documentary Pink And Blue.  With your help, we can help to make this available for people to view, learn and save lives. Learn more and see the trailer for the documentary here;

It is projected that over 2,240 new cases of male breast cancer will be diagnosed and over 400 men will die from the disease.  The percentage fatality rate is often higher for men diagnosed with breast cancer as usually no one is checking and men don’t notice the symptoms as they are not even aware they can be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Men also do not have the options women may with breast conserving surgery/treatment and so mastectomy is most often performed due to the limited amount of tissue.  Just imagine hearing the words as a man, or a woman about her father, husband, son or any loved one; Sir, You Have Breast Cancer!  Breast cancer doesn’t just affect sisters and daughter’s, breast cancer affects sons and brothers. In addition with the current awareness of the BRCA gene mutation thanks to Angelina Jolie, it’s important to note that 50% of the worlds BRCA (breast cancer susceptibilitygene) carriers are male.
HIS Breast Cancer Awareness was formed in 2010 as a fully credited nonprofit 501©3 organization to bring education, awareness, prevention and lifestyle assistance to anyone dealing with Male Breast Cancer or having a family member with a history of Breast Cancer.  Vicki and Harvey (co-founders) are both Breast Cancer Survivors and carry the BRCA gene mutation.  Between them they have 5 sons, all who have a 50/50% to be BRCA positive which are also known factors in the cause of Prostate, Pancreatic, Melanoma and Ovarian as well as many other cancers.

We know that we have already saved men’s lives and with your support, we can reach so many more! 
Please consider choosing HIS Breast Cancer as your charity to give and support this #GivingTuesday and through the holidays.

Thank you in advance for any donation in support of Male Breast Cancer Awareness!
Happy and Healthy Holidays,

Modah Ani- I am Thankful
Editor; Vicki Singer Wolf, Co-founder

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Are you "aware" and making healthier choices?
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015


In October you can’t open the newspaper, magazine or computer without the inclusion of a news piece or promotion related to breast cancer awareness along with the pink ribbons.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


This is not your typical fall!
The temperatures are dropping and the humidity is less, it’s so nice to welcome the fall season.  As summer has officially ended, we are now preparing for the changing of the colors of the leaves, the flowers, yummy apples and all those pumpkins waiting to be carved. 

But October represents more than just the fall season as we are surrounded by ribbons of pink to represent breast cancer awareness month. STOP, WAIT, LOOK! What’s that? It’s Pink and Blue?! Do you know that Breast cancer is not just a women’s disease? If we’re going to talk about awareness, then it’s time we really understand there is more to this month than making sure women are checking themselves, going for mammograms and talking with their mother’s about their genetic history.

Sir, You Have Breast Cancer! Imagine hearing those words…
Breast cancer in men is where it was for women so many decades ago, no one uttered these words in public, no one is checking, treatments for it are not understood and most don’t even know that men can be diagnosed with this disease!

So where do we begin? Where breast cancer in women is moving from awareness to the cure, breast cancer in men is just starting it’s focus to educate. For men, knowing they can be diagnosed with this disease and their risk factors including genes what may help to actually save their life.
Several questions men should ask are:
  • Do you have a family history of breast (male or female), ovarian, prostate or other cancers?
  • Has someone in your family been diagnosed with one of these cancers at an early age?
  • Has anyone in your family had genetic testing completed and discussed these results with you?
  • As a man, does your doctor perform a breast exam during your yearly physical? Especially if you have a family history of cancer.

It’s time for women to help the men in their life, for doctors to help educate and check their male patients, for the NFL to add some blue to the pink, for our communities involved in raising awareness and dollars help by including men and its time for men to stand up and speak about breastcancer for themselves, not just for the women in their life.

HIS Breast Cancer Awareness is a non profit organization that was created by a brother and sister who are both survivors to assist with all of this. Most men are diagnosed when their breast cancer has progressed because no one is checking and so often more fatal than for women. Working hard everyday, we are doing all we can to help educate by working with many organizations such as Abramson Cancer- Basser Research Center, Boston CollegeBreast Cancer Study, FORCE, Moffitt Cancer Center and many others to help expand knowledge and strive for earlier detection. The updated website provides important information and the tools needed to assist with prevention, diagnosis, treatment and support. From a “How to Perform a Self Breast Exam” as a man, to videos to watch and links to click there’s a great deal of information available including the book written by co-founder and male breast cancer (and prostate) survivor along with awareness products found on the SHOP page.

Pink & Blue, a documentary to help educate the world is now completed and HIS Breast Cancer Awareness is proud to be a part of this amazing work by the acclaimed Director Alan Blassberg and his team. Pink&Blue will help make the changes that are needed thru their large audience on screen. View the trailer on our web site and visit their website for information on where to see this documentary in your area.

So this month when you see “all those ads and promotions” for breast cancer in women, and the pink ribbons, remind your community, your favorite store and especially your family, that breast cancer is not just pink, it’s ‘pink and blue’!

Visit HIS Breast Cancer Awareness for more information on Male Breast Cancer and show your support for an organization that is working hard to make a difference and save lives with education and early detection.

Modah Ani- I Am Thankful

Best of Health,

Editor: Vicki Singer Wolf, Co-founder